Ginisang Sayote


People who know me well can attest that I don’t really eat vegetables. There’s just about 15 that I do eat and sayote and carrots are among those that I love. Here’s one recipe that I learned from my mom and I tweaked it for my own sake (removing the tomatoes, because I don’t eat it) and to make it easier.


Ginisang Sayote & Carrots

Ginisang Sayote & Carrots


1/4 kilo of ground pork
1 sayote, cut into big strips
1 carrot, cut into big strips
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 medium onion, minced
1 tsp of NamNam with Tomato
2 tbsp Kikkoman soy sauce
1 tbsp sugar
Salt & pepper to taste
3 tbsp oil
3 cups of water
10pcs of hard boiled quail eggs (optional)



Cook ground pork in 2 cups of water until it turns into a light brown color. Set aside. Heat oil in a pan then saute garlic and onion. Add cooked ground pork, stir for about 5 mins. Add sayote, carrots and 1 cup of water and let it boil for about 10mins. Season with Namnam, salt, pepper & sugar. Let it simmer until the liquid reduces to half. Add quail eggs.

Serve while hot.


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