Ham & Cheese Roll-ups


This is a quick and easy merienda recipe that you can cook especially for kids.  Put a spin on the usual Ham & Cheese sandwich and you got roll-ups! I served this on my little nephew’s birthday and it was a hit!

Ham & Cheese Roll-ups

Ham & Cheese Roll-ups



12 sliced white bread, edges trimmed

12 sliced ham

12 cheddar cheese quares

2 eggs, beaten

2 cups Japanese bread crumbs




Prepare the bread crumbs and beaten eggs in separate bowls.  Set aside.  Flatten each piece of sliced bread using a rolling pin or a glass, place ham and cheese on top then roll it tightly.  Press the seams lightly to seal. Set on a plate seam side down to prevent it from opening. Repeat with all the remaining bread, ham & cheese.   Add oil in a pan just enough to cover the surface and place on medium heat.  Dip bread rolls in eggs then fully coat with bread crumbs.  Fry seam side down and turn occasionally until golden brown.  Once done, remove pan and place in a plate lined with paper towel to remove excess oil.  Slice diagonally in half, then serve.

Best eaten while hot.


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