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This is a quick and easy merienda recipe that you can cook especially for kids.  Put a spin on the usual Ham & Cheese sandwich and you got roll-ups! I served this on my little nephew’s birthday and it was a hit!   Ingredients: 12 sliced white bread, edges trimmed 12 sliced ham 12 cheddar cheese […]



This is a Canadian dish which is basically French Fries with Gravy & Cheese.  I was able to try this dish in one of the restaurants in Capitol Commons and decided to make my own.  I wanted to make a quick and easier version so I just used a gravy mix.   Ingredients: Frozen French […]

I’m pretty sure everyone of us has experienced buying fishballs from the street.  I think it was like 10 cents before and I remember asking 1 peso from my mother just so I can buy.  Nowadays though, people have been careful buying them as the stigma of the sauce being “not safe” blew up.  And […]