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Tanigue Steak


I like fish that are meaty. I don’t like picking out all the fish bones and if I can get everything boneless, I’d take it. Tanigue is one of those that are very meaty and tasty. Here I combined it with bistek sauce to make it more delicious.   Ingredients: 1 large or 2 medium […]

I was never a fan of vegetables when I was younger, but lately I found myself trying and learning to eat as much veggies as I can.  I guess it’s part of my new goal to be fit and healthy nowadays. So here’s one recipe that I have learned to love to eat. Again, I […]

Pork Humba


Adobo has been a staple dish in our household.  My Mom cooks great Adobo whether Chicken or Pork.  But before I get my serving, I usually add sugar to make it a little sweeter.  I like it that way.  Little did I know that there is actually a different dish close to what I was […]